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Traduzione dall'italiano all'inglese dell'articolo di Fabrizio Assandri, “Regina Margherita. Uno spazio verde invece delle auto”, in La Stampa del 20/11/2014





From a cold, bare area with heavy traffic, where it is impossibe to have a chat, to a welcoming space. The entrance to Regina Margherita High School, in Valperga Caluso street has been redesigned as student-friendly.
Yesterday you couldn't sit there, now there are benches and cube bollards instead of metal bollards, marking the boundary between the school and parking lots. An area now protected by barrier flower boxes, with trees and flowers instead of grey concrete where the sun never shines, also reminiscent of the Valentino park nearby.
The “facciamo spazio!” project was launched with a students' party on Saturday. The project  is co-financed by the Crt Foundation, together with some neighbourhood associations, among which the lead Laquip, and District 8.
On the occasion, you could even play table tennis outside the school... "We're going to clean up all the graffiti and paint murals instead" says Noemi Pironato, from the class III DL.

But we won't stop here: <<we want to make the school’s underground area usable and we'll paint our classrooms again because the plaster is falling down >>, Giovanni Bustan explains, a student from 4AL. These renovations were chosen by the students themselves and to make their school look better, they painted on cardboards the Liberty friezes of the near Eden Hotel. 

The students will raise funds in order to keep the project going, also with the help of a lottery, and they'll be the ones taking care of the area, keeping it tidy and watering the plants.
Some students come to school on skateboard. Their dream is to get rid of the cars in the whole square.
The president of the district Mario Levi says: “it's impossible because the area suffers from a lack of parking lots”. In the meantime we will happily watch plants climb all over the school building.

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